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Church MergeMost people in and out of church have heard of churches splitting.  It is unfortunate, but sometimes it happens.  The good news is that this time churches are merging together, not splitting apart.  Through a series of Spirit-led events, two churches are coming together, joining forces for the Kingdom of God.  Wentzville 1st Assembly of God and Lake Crest Assembly of God, both of Wentzville, will unite as one church very soon.  Both churches met together at the Lake Crest facility last February for a joint Sunday morning worship service and Pastor McNees of Wentzville 1st preached.  Sunday, March 10 both churches are coming together again at the Wentzville 1st location and Pastor Ken Lee will minister the Word.  Both memberships have already voted overwhelmingly to unite as one church.  Our target date to be permanently one church is tentatively Sunday, March 31.  We are hoping enough details can be worked out to make this happen.  If not then, another date will be selected, and we will unite.  Our plan is to worship at the Lake Crest location at 1400 Corporate Parkway.  Both churches are excited, not just to unite, but also because the Holy Spirit has miraculously led us in this direction.  This is a very significant event and we invite you to become part of it.


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